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Hey fellow LCCA members.  We all know the members of the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) like to collect Lionel trains and LCCA cars.  Did you know that many members enjoy running and operating our LCCA collectables as well?  We have thought of an innovative program that will allow interested members to have the opportunity to run a very special Lionel/LCCA car on their layouts.  Emphasis on fun!  This will help promote the hobby and stimulate interest in Lionel & LCCA trains.

These magnificent  beauties  are a limited 'rare' edition with only a handful of cars made for this program.  We would like to see them on as many LCCA layouts as possible!  To that end we have developed the LCCA "Switching Tracks" Traveling Car Program.  Our motto is:  "From Our Tracks to Your Tracks".  Our goal is to have these cars travel to all 50 states and possibly throughout the world.  We thank Lionel for their support, ideas, and encouragement for this new endeavor.

Here's how it works.  You contact us expressing a desire to participate.  Members will be notified in order received and will get the Switching Tracks program car delivered FedEx.  No charge for shipping.  You run the car for two weeks on your layout.  We want you to have fun with this special car so enjoy…

We encourage you to take pictures and or videos of this "Switching Tracks" car.  Use whatever engine or consist you prefer.   You can use scenery or various Lionel accessories as your backdrop.  We request interesting articles, video, and pictures of the "Switching Tracks" Car Program to appear in our publications and on social media.  Who knows, best images or videos might receive special accolades.

After two weeks of running,  we'll send you a FedEx call tag so you can send the car on to its next member destination.  Again, no charge for shipping.  We will include with the Fed Ex call tag a brief member survey that asks you how this experience went and other feedback so we can improve the program.  

We are asking our interested members to contact our program manager listed below.  You can also express interest to the attention of our business office if you prefer.  Of course we are inviting our Junior Members who may want to run this car to participate.  If you are a member of a local or regional train club which has a layout, remember, clubs are welcome to participate as well.  These clubs that might want to participate and join in on the fun, contact the program manager below.  We seek to get this LCCA program into as many member hands or clubs as possible.  If you run S-gauge, we will have a car for you also.  As for what is next in this program, we are open to any and all ideas… 

Once our traveling cars come back to the LCCA, we will keep a log of who ran the car and will develop a special Certificate of Authenticity to go along with these unique cars.  Sound good so far?  If you want to be a part of this new and innovative event, please contact Tim Fuhrmann, LCCA program manager at  You may also contact our business office at  LCCA Business Office, PO Box 529, Peru, IL 61354 .  See more on our website