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LCCA Train Talk - the LCCA Survey Project

We hope that our on-going members are continuing to enjoy the surveys and that our new members are joining the conversation.  Responses do help guide the future of "The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet," and we want every member's input.  The goal (not yet quite attained) is to interest at least 500 of our members in participating, and your responses will help us get there.  If you haven't seen "Tell LCCA Poll Question #11" yet, you can still respond before we tabulate the answers.  If you're excited over a new set of questions, take a look now at LCCA TRAIN TALK #12 (yes, the polls are now "LCCA TRAIN TALK").

As you take part in any LCCA TRAIN TALK, you can move back and forth through the pages until you click "Done" on the last page.  Be sure you're ready to send that train of thought down the track, and don't be left on the platform holding an answer you meant to put on board because you can respond to each TRAIN TALK only once.

The results of Poll Question #10 have now been posted to the website.  The results of all ten previous polls can be viewed here.