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LCCA OFFERS 2014 Christmas car - continues a long LRRC Tradition

Now that the Best Toy Train Club and the Best Toy Train Manufacturer have merged, to complete the merger of LRRC and LCCA and to welcome our new members, we've created a car commemorating the year it happened!  This great Postwar-inspired Christmas themed boxcar symbolizes the merger and will be a memorable addition to your train collection as well as a perfect Christmas gift for any toy train enthusiast.  Built in the traditions of the LRRC, this car is assembled in the United States.

Car Features: 
• Made in the USA of US and Imported parts
• Die-cast metal sprung trucks and operating couplers
• Opening doors
• Metal frame and brake wheel
• Minimum Curve: 027 on all
• Length: 10 ½”

The car gets its inspiration from the original 6464-series of Lionel boxcars.  Only 500 being produced.  With our increased membership numbers, this car will sell out fast.  Order yours today at only $67.95 Freight included.  Help support this momentous year as you enjoy this car!  order at the LCCA Store on October 13.  Limit one per member