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2014 Convention Trolley and Monon Train Ride on-site cars sold out

Sales to Members of the 'Limited Post Convention Offer' first printed in the September 'Interchange Track' have been brisk. As of this morning, both the 2014 South Shore Trolley and the Monon 'Train Ride" car have sold out. There are no more available of these two items. Limited quantities of the Black Die-Cast Steam Crew Truck and both versions of the Autorack and Racers are still available. Remaining quantities of both will be listed in the web store on Monday, Sept 15.

The 2014 Convention in Indy has been a HUGE success. During the Convention, 6 special LCCA were offered. After the Convention, four of these 'limited edition' items have been offered for sale. The Black Die Cast Steam Crew truck boldly pronounces the LCCA, has Nickel Plate Road herald and clearly identifies the 75 steam crew. Whether you rode behind the 765 or just admired this great engine, this is a nice keepsake. The beautiful fantasy South Shore Trolley was popular with attendees as a pair of them played bump and go at the host hotel. The Monon Train Ride car in gray and Tuscan had a picture of the Monon 'ticket jacket' on the side and listed the LCCA business office in Peru, IL as its 'return when empty' designation. It also discretely shows 8/70 as the build date, the date the LCCA was started. The fourth car offered was the unique "Racks and Racers' on-site convention auto carrier with 4 individual die cast autos, all produced by Lionel. This offering is unique in many ways, is the first offered with die cast autos and the first to offer Lionel Die Cast cars with a railcar.

The limited edition on-site Monon autorack and 4 cars will remain on sale while the remaining units are sold.  The Matching - opposite color 45th Anniversary Auto Rack car is also available with this limited Post Convention Offer and will remain on sale here and in the web store as a great reminder of the 45th Anniversary of the LCCA. 

Below links to a copy of the original ad from the September issue of the 'Interchange Track'.  The Monon "train ride" car and the  South Shore trolley have been sold and no longer available.


This page can be printed and mailed or faxed to the business office to order either of the auoracks or the Steam Train Truck.