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2014 Convention Cars offered to eligible registered LCCA Members

For the first time the LCCA offered to all registered convention members the opportunity to purchase the Convention on site car, whether or not they actually attended.  All they had to do was to register.  Production was limited to 400 available units.

Product is still being received and recorded by the business office.  The set of 4 individually packaged die cast Lionel NASCAR Autos will be assembled into a set box with the auto-rack for shipping.  This is expected to be completed by August 15.  Cathy from the business office has targeted to call all eligible members by that date.  Cathy has already identified the members qualified to be contacted.

The LCCA is pleased to have offered this unique one time offer of a combination of both of Lionel's businesses - Lionel Trains and Lionel NASCAR die cast autos.  We are excited that this offer was extended to all members, including those who for various reasons were unable to attend the convention.