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LCCA Special Event at Walt Disney World (Video Recap)

LCCA Special Event at Walt Disney World (Video Recap).  This past September the Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) and the  Carolwood Pacific Historical Society hosted a multi-day Special Event at Walt Disney World in Florida.   

Ed Richter, LCCA Members and members of the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society enjoyed the "Behind the Magic of Our Steam Trains " private tour  behind the scene tour of the railroad system and train operation at the Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom near Orlando FL. Members also learned about Walt Disney’s interest in trains and how his backyard live steam miniature train layout at his home was a precursor to Disneyland in CA.  

As many of you know, Walt Disney and Lionel founder, Joshua Lionel Cowen were personal friends and had a long personal and business relationship for many years.  During the Great Depression of the 1930's, Walt Disney gave Lionel permission to produce a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hand Car set that sold for $1 in 1934.  The sent included a circle of track and a wind-up Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hand Car. The strong sales of this product helped Lionel endure through the depression of the 1930's.  Since then, Lionel and Walt Disney have made many Disney themed Lionel train products.

Please click on the link below to view a video recap from this fun and exciting Special Event.   

We hope you will find this LCCA video production of interest  to you and your family.  Thank you Michael Broggie and the Carolwood  Pacific Historical Society for hosting this fun and informative event.  

Al Kolis
President Elect & Special Events Manager
Lionel Collectors Club of America

About Carolwood Pacific Historical Society
Carolwood Pacific Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the personal railroad legacy of Walt Disney. Walt Disney always loved trains and he was one of America's greatest railfans. Thorough his own initiative and personal financial resources, he was responsible for preserving real steam railroading for generations to enjoy at Disneyland, Wald Disney World and other Disney theme parks around the world. Walt Disney helped to build, enjoyed sharing, one of the most intricately detailed miniature live-steam railroads ever created: the one-eight scale Carolwood Pacific Railroad, the backyard pike located at his estate in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles