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3/19/2014 Revised ship date of TX special Add on Cars

There are times when the excitement of an anticipated event overwhelms reality. Although the LCCA has had these cars for a few days, we were unable to get them ready for shipment in the time frame I had expected. Repackaged, labeling and getting product to ship has taken longer than expected and that has created confusion with our members who purchased this unit.

I now believe they will be shipped by March 29th. I do thank the members who purchased this set and the patience they have shown while it has been shipped. The Texas Special Set is a complement to Lou Caponi, who provided us with this wonder set.

UPDATE - 3/28/14 - ALL TEXAS SPECIAL ADD-ON CARS HAVE BEEN PICKED UP BY FEDEX AND ARE BEING DELIVERED TO MEMBERS WHO PURCHASED THEM.  Deliveries in the Northeast should be received starting Monday, rest of the country by end of next week.  Thanks to all members who ordered these add on cars and waited for them to be delivered.  I am confident you will enjoy these cars when you get them.

Dennis DeVito
LCCA President and Fellow Member