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Indy update - March 19, 2014 - Indy Convention and Then Some

Scattershooting while listening to a phone conference with your Board of Directors....

Earlier we had been discussing the Indy convention and I mentioned that we have been absolutely” blown away” with the registration for this year's convention. In the short span of three weeks we have already registered over 260 members, along with their spouses and guests totaling about 450 attendees so far!  We are delighted that we have sold out a number of tours already!  This is the most exciting news we have had in years.  The exclusive nature and limited capacity on any given day of any given tour established the maximum tickets available for each of them.  Good news is that we have alternate and additional tours which have not sold out - YET.  Our goal is to fill every tour and fill every room - Don't delay.  Many of your friends and fellow members have already registered and are equally excited and looking forward to a wonderful fun-filled week.  Go to the convention registration portion of the members only tab and register NOW!!

Your officers, directors and convention team are thrilled that your participation has reached such heights. There are still a huge number of exciting tours available.  Register early - do not delay.  There is so much to do at LCCA Conventions - Be an important part of them.  All we can say at this point is a big “THANK YOU!” to our members.  We know we are doing something right because your are responding! While we have a waiting list and we continue to search out new tours, please join us at the convention and enjoy all of the tours and social opportunities we offer.

Bob Carter, RM #6620
Convention Co Chair