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Definitive Information on Purchasing the 2014 LCCA Convention On-site Car

Over the years, the LCCA has produced some very unique on-site cars for members attending the annual convention.  These items have been produced in limited quantities and have proven to be very desirable collectibles.  We have regularly and often heard from our members who have been unable to attend the conventions for health, timing or financial reasons, they would like an opportunity to purchase the on-site car.  This year, for the first time, LCCA is going to make that possible.

To clarify earlier notices, once you register for the convention, you will receive a registration number from the business office.  FOR REGISTRATION NUMBERS 400 AND LESS, THIS WILL RESERVE YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE THE ON-SITE CAR.  If you are attending the convention with a registration number below 400 you can purchase the on-site car at the convention.  NOTE: to be eligible for this program, you MUST register for the convention by June 30.  If you are unable to attend the convention but have registration number below 400, AFTER THE CONVENTION, you will be contacted (by August 15) for payment and the on-site car (AND ALL FOUR 1/43 SCALE DIE CAST AUTOS) will be sent to you. 

Members registered for and attending the convention will be able to purchase the on-site car for $85.  This price reflects 2 die cast autos which come with Registration and the purchase of the Auto Carrier on site PLUS the die cast autos from taking a tour and the gift from Lionel for members attending the Friday Lionel Seminar.  They will receive a voucher with their registration packet which will allow them to purchase their auto carrier car in the LCCA Store at the convention.  

Members registered for but NOT attending the convention will to register for the convention and pay the $65.00 cost of registration.  This will allow them as convention participants to purchase the on-site car (with ALL Four (4) die cast cars) for $109, Plus freight.  (The higher cost for non-attendees is due to the cost of 2 die cast autos being included in convention expenses.  To offer all four die cast autos to members who do not attend, it is necessary to cover the cost of two die cast autos in the price of the car).  Note: the registration Trolley is only available for members who register and stay in the Convention hotel for at least 3 nights. 

The LCCA is pleased to offer this unique opportunity for all club members who register for the 2014 LCCA Convention in Indianapolis, both those attending and those unable to attend the convention.  We feel it is a good thing for all members to be part of the 2014 LCCA convention and be eligible for this convention memento and collectible.

This update is the result of questions and concerns asked from members.  I appreciate the comments and feedback on this program.  Please contact the Business Office or myself with further questions or comments –

Dennis DeVito
LCCA President and Fellow Member