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Lionel LLC will relocate Customer Service from Ohio to Concord, NC

CONCORD, NC (February 27, 2014) Beginning early this summer, Lionel will begin to relocate its Customer Service Facility currently in Canfield, OH to Concord, NC. This decision moves us one step closer to our goal of operating the company from a central location. While this transition will be ongoing this summer through the end of the year, the Service Parts Department will be the first group to relocate to NC - followed closely by the repair and call center functions.

Read the entire press release in the link below.

Lionel Ohio Statement.pdf

The LCCA remembers fondly its participation in the annual Customer Service Open House in Canfield and the wonderful support from this facility.  We are pleased as stated in this press release that many of the employees currently in Canfield will be relocating to the North Carolina facility.

Note the service interruption statement in the Press Release. 

As a reminder, the LCCA will host its Red Carpet Event in the new Concord facility on March 22.  There will be a Dutch Treat dinner on Friday March 21.  Click this link for more details