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Tour 12 - No tickets Available - Amtrak Beech Grove Facility

The Convention Committee really appreciates the interest you have shown for Tour 12 Amtrak Beech Grove Facility. Unfortunately, at this time we are limited by Amtrak in the capacity of the tour. 
At the time we made arrangements with Amtrak for this tour, we were informed by them that the facility is a working facility and that tours are not provided for the public. However, after sharing with them about the LCCA and our convention, they agreed to offer only a single tour with a limited capacity of 50 people. We realized that this would be a popular tour and that we could either decline or accept the offer. We chose the later. We had not idea that it would sell out within a couple of days.
Because of the current interest, we are working with our DMC Program Manager to see if we can either arrange for another tour or increase the capacity for this tour. 
In the meantime, we have asked our business office to create a waiting list. If you are interested, we would suggest that you contact the business office and request being placed on the waiting list.
The Convention Committee