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Campaign for New Members

Campaign for New Members

A reminder that the Board of Directors of the LCCA has initiated a Campaign for New Members.  The BOD recognizes that as members, we are the best ambassadors to promote the LCCA to our friends, family and associates.  Share the club with others, it will enhance the hobby for the recruited member while at the same time the increased membership will help us all.  The club encourages every member to recruit a new member(s).

On a personal note, I ask and encourage members who know of others who let their membership lapse to invite them to have their membership reinstated, and our New Member Campaign is the time and place to do so.  Lapsed members can get their former LCCA member number re-activated by contacting the Business Office.

This program will offer a wonderful gift to BOTH the new member and the sponsor. Effective immediately, every new member who lists a current member as a sponsor will receive a Billboard Frame and a PERSONALIZED Billboard Insert. This two-sided Billboard Insert will display the name of the new member on one side and show the name of the sponsor on the other side.  Make sure the new or reinstated member lists you as the sponsor on the membership application.  Note: some earlier versions of the membership application form do not have a  place for a sponsor name;  just write in the sponsor’s name and membership number.  There is no limit to the number of awards you can earn.  If you have questions, contact Mike Battaglia by e-mail at or call him at 269-428-2847. I invite each member to make an effort to recruit a new member.

The member who recruits the most members will receive a Convention Car in recognition of their recruiting prowess!