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LCCA Product Delivery updates as of October 15

Product updates - There is good news on the product front - long awaited LCCA product is currently scheduled for delivery in calendar year 2013!  Exact date is not known, although we have been told to expect product before Dec 31.  
  • The Goliath and the matching showroom cars are scheduled to be shipped by year end and are expected to be delivered starting in late December. 
  • The tinplate Pioneer set is due in the US by December 15.  Those who purchased this set will have an added surprise, Lou Caponi's voice has been digitized and will be on the sound chip of the Pioneer - he will live on in one of his products.  
  • The Texas Special Diesel/calf units are made, waiting for the mint car to be delivered.  The prototype of the Mint car will be at York and is expected to be approved there.  This product is currently scheduled for a late December arrival with the LCCA.  
  • All three cars of the Texas Special add on set have been approved and are scheduled to the LCCA in late December.  
  • The prototype of our 2013 Convention Car has been approved and final product is expected early next year.
  • The design of the 2014 Convention Car has been approved and released to produce the prototype car.  A change in ordering method would make the 2014 Convention Car available much earlier next year.
  • The New Lou Caponi Signature Coal Train will soon be announced.  Of note, the diesel engine has already been produced.  The prototype deco of both cars has been approved.  We tentatively expect this entire set to be shipping by Valentine's day.  Note - only 500 of these sets are available.  They will all come with a color matched billboard frame and a commemorative sheet of billboard inserts.  Special efforts were made to get a quick turn around on this wallet friendly set.
These schedules are current as of today, subject to revision.  Recent changes in Lionel's production methods and delivery efforts have made us cautiously confident of delivery schedules.  While always subject to slippage, current schedules have been more accurate than in the past.  Thanks to all members who have purchased these cars and sets.  In addition to helping the club, you own a classic, well designed and highly collectible set.