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"Autism Speaks Day at LCCA Convention"

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) along with Autism Speaks organization of Georgia is proud to have hosted a "Autism Speaks Day At The LCCA Convention" Special event on Thursday July 18, 2013  at  9:30 AM in the beautiful lobby of the historic  Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel in Chattanooga TN.  As part of the LCCA's 43 Annual Convention being held at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel, the LCCA made arrangements with Lionel LLC to bring their massive operating toy train layout and display.   6 Autistic children and their families from  the Autistic Speaks organization traveled in from the Chattanooga TN surrounding area to be the "Honorary Engineers"  for the day as they each took the Lionel Legacy Hand Held Command Control Units to run the Lionel trains on this spectacular Lionel Layout.  Lionel's J. Don Reece provide a private tour and demonstration of this Lionel layout.

Lionel's 18' X 40'  layout which was designed and built by TW TrainWorx of Dallas TX demonstrates current Lionel train products in operation as well as several interactive buttons that operate Lionel animated Accessories.  Various levels of modeling skills and scenery techniques are featured in the different areas of this vast layout.   The kids and their families just loved this event!

The entire Autism Speaks' family members enjoyed running trains on the Lionel/LCCA FasTrack modular railroad system layout set up by TW TrainWorx of Dallas TX.   This new national standard modular layout in intended to introduce the magic of Lionel trains to families all over the country.  Anyone can build a section and then bring it to an event where others bring their own individual module sections.   They can connect their module section together with other people's modules so they can then make a larger, full loop of Lionel's patented FasTrack sectional track pieces.  Once linked, they all can then run their trains on this larger group layout.   There are multiple configurations these new Lionel/LCCA Modular Railroad Layouts can be configured.  It does not have to be a simple oval.  With this new concept, one does not have to have a large space to enjoy running O-gauge Lionel Trains,

Some of the younger children enjoyed the battery powered Lionel Lines sets running on the floor.   The somewhat older ones enjoyed operating Lionel's new LionChief Remote Controlled Thomas the Tank Train set.   You wouldn't believe the joy in the children's eyes when they operated the Lionel trains with this new hand-held controller.  The older teenagers especially enjoyed running the Lionel Legacy controlled trains on TW TrainWorx's  Lionel/LCCA FasTrack Modular Railroad layout.  TW TrainWorx brought in this layout from Dallas TX.   TW TrainWorx's and LCCA member, George Watson was seen running all of his state of Texas road name Lionel trains all week long.    All of the kids and their family members enjoyed this hands-on event.   Everyone, even the parents had an opportunity to enjoy and run the Lionel trains.

Thanks to the Autism Speaks organization and families for participating in this fun event.   We are so grateful you came to the Choo Choo hotel and experienced the magic of Lionel Trains.  You made this LCCA Special event even more Special.   Thank you!


Al Kolis
LCCA Immediate Past President & Special Events Manager