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Recap - 4/27/13 LCCA Lewisville Special Event

We wanted to thank everyone for attending the LCCA Open House Train Party at our home yesterday.  We had a great time meeting everyone and running trains for several hours.  By our final count, we had excellent attendance with a total of 65 people attending the party including 43 LCCA members and their families and friends.  We also had several of the non-members take LCCA applications with them, so hopefully we will gain a few new members from this event.
This afternoon our daughter chose the winning tickets in the raffle.  The winner of the LCCA Dallas 2011 Registration Car (“Remember the Alamo”) is John Catania.  The winner of the Cocoa Marsh VAT Car is Rodger Carter.  We also chose the winner of a Dinosaur Gondola from the young children that attended the event, and the winner selected for that car was the grandson of Roy Johnson.  We will mail out the cars to the raffle winners this week.
Again, we wanted to thank everyone who attended for helping to make this a very successful event.  We look forward to the next time we get together.
Rich and Kathy Dissosway

And from Al Kolis - 
April 27 - LCCA Special Event Open House Returned to Lewisville, NC (Recap)

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) returned to the home of Rich and Kathy Dissosway (RM 28158) in Lewisville, NC on Saturday April 27 for another open house Special Event.   Rich invited members back to their home again to enjoy an evening of fun while operating Lionel trains running on their large home layout.   Rich's layout features trains running on 5 different levels through 3 rooms. There are numerous scenes with accessories and automated animations throughout the layout. LCCA Members and their families came from all over to attend this casual yet fun event.  This event exemplifies what the LCCA is all about.  Members gathering together and having
fun while enjoying each other's company and experiencing the magic of Lionel trains.

Members who attended, received a un-cut, LCCA  Special Events billboard sheet and commemorative LCCA Special Event pin.  This is all part of LCCA President Dennis DeVito's plan to reach out and contact 2200 members this year with our special events program.  We appreciate all of the members and guest for attending and supporting our club.  Thank you for your participation.

Special Thanks go out to Rich and Kathy Dissosway for hosting this great special event. Your volunteer service sets an example for other members to follow and emulate.  If any of you want to consider hosting a LCCA Special Event in your area, please contact me at 248 709-4137 or   We are looking for other members to volunteer and host a family friendly, train related LCCA Special Event in your area. These events do not have to be train shows.  If you have any ideas, I will love to hear from you.  Let your imagination and creative energy flow.  Let's continue having Fun!


Al Kolis
Immediate Past President & Special Events Manager
Lionel Collectors Club of America
248 709-4137