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Extended deadline - 2013 convention car

The LCCA is sensitive to member concerns regarding delivery of product.  As a courtesy to those members who have purchased the 2012 Convention car and will not receive this car for a few more months, the LCCA BOD has suggested that the order deadline for the 2013 Convention Car be extended - they suggested July 25th, after members had a chance to see the 2012 car at the Chattanooga Convention.  President DeVito has stressed the need to maintain a strict and final order cutoff date and not extend this date.  He has stated that he opposes extensions of order dates based on general principle - a deadline is a deadline.  The LCCA should establish and hold an announced date - members expect it - members deserve it.  In this case, an extension of the deadline is being made to address the late delivery of the 2012 car to members.  Now that this decision is made, it is being announced to all members.  The LCCA encourages members to order quickly and not delay even though the deadline has been extended.  Both the 2013 convention car and the 2013 convention car are a matched set.

The LCCA Board of Directors