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Update on the 2012 LCCA Convention Car (2/6/13)

Hello fellow members. I promised to keep you informed on the progress of the 2012 convention car. I received a fresh sample on Monday (2/4/13).  Here is where we stand.

  • The paint is fantastic and done correctly
  • The Interior loads are perfect
  • The trucks on the sample had missing parts - this will be corrected on final product
  • There will be a slight correction made to the lighting element
  • Additional shrink sleeve will be added where the wires come through the frame and attach to the rollers.

It is my belief these adjustments can be made in a reasonable amount of time so we can get your cars to you as soon as possible.  Folks I’m probably more frustrated than most of you but this is the way it goes in CHINA.  When all the corrections are made you’ll see it was worth the wait.

Happy railroading and thanks for your continued support of the LCCA, THE BEST TOY TRAIN CLUB ON THE PLANET