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Tinplate Set have all been shipped - 2012 Conv Car status

The 2012 Convention Car update - January 11

The 2012 convention car has not yet been approved and is still delayed.  It has been a disappointment to the club to have to announce this delay.  The car is exceptional in design, and the vision of a lighted flag on the side has created a great visual image of the flag I find so dear.  And this car will be a reminder of not only a successful convention in Norfolk, but also of our armed forces who serve us so well.  I am proud to be able to present $500.00 form this sale to the Wounded Warrior fund.  Thanks for your patience while waiting for your order to be delivered.  Additional info on the 2012 Convention Car delivery - Click here

Tinplates Have Been Delivered

All tinplate sets have been shipped to members who had ordered them.  They have been received with great fanfare and acclaim.  A big thank you to our members who purchased one of these 230 sets.  And a big shout out to Lionel LLC for producing such a fine set for our members.

These two special LCCA designed items reflect the best the train hobby has to offer.  I am proud to be part of a group who sees the great advantage the club provides members by offering these quality collectibles.  Whether a car, a train set, post war, pre war, the LCCA product continues to be the standard of the hobby.  Sometimes as members we have to wait for delivery, an issue we continually try to avoid, but we assure our members top quality product.  

Dennis DeVito
LCCA President and Fellow Member