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LCCA 2010 Convention Daily News Report - Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today was the final day of the Convention, with the train show in the Rocky Mountain Events Center located within the host hotel as the main attraction. Thanks to significant news media coverage and supportive publicity, large crowds of families with kids came to the hotel to see the Lionel company layout and the O-gauge layout of a local train club in action. Rug layouts on the floor of the hotel atrium invited kids to enjoy hands-on play with G-scale Polar Express trains and Little Lionel trains.

On Saturday, LCCA gifted eight “Little Lionel” train sets provided by Lionel LLC to families who enrolled a child as a Junior Member of the club. Newcomers selected from other welcoming gifts: a “Lionel Nation” DVD by T-M Books & Video, a child’s Lionel T-shirt, a “Lionelville” animated DVD movie, or a train simulator game for the PC. Nearly 60 persons or families joined the club during the Convention, and nearly half of them were Junior Members.

During the Convention, member Lou Caponi provided free informal appraisals of vintage Lionel trains. At times, the waiting line was 10-12 persons deep. All waited patiently for their turn with “Dr. Lou.”

Shoppers carried their purchases of orange and blue boxes out of the Trading Hall that day, and many used the convenient ship-it-home service provided by UPS.

The Convention closed on Saturday evening with the traditional Reception and Banquet. One lucky person per table won a Banquet Car.

Aimee Johnstone (mom), Grandpa Bram, and JM Bramley Benton admired a corner of the Lionel company layout where a track repair crew operating accessory was in constant action.

Lou Caponi offered free informal appraisals of trains brought to the Convention site by Denver hobbyists. Nearly 200 persons brought vintage Lionel and other products for his inspection.

This grandfather assisted his grandson in operating a “Little Lionel” layout placed on the rug of the atrium of the host hotel. Four rug layouts were in constant use from Wednesday through Saturday of Convention week by families who enjoyed the hands-on fun.

LCCA’s JM coordinator Dom Caponi and his helpers staffed the club membership recruitment table on Saturday and welcomed new members to the club.

Photographs and text by Mike Mottler