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Weds, April 17 - April York LCCA Get-Together

LCCA members, family and friends are all invited to attend a casual, informal get together on Wednesday evening April 17, 2013 at Smokey Bones Restaurant and Bar in York, PA 17404 (717-846-3760). This will be a Dutch Treat event starting at 6:30 PM till?  This Annual event is a great opportunity to meet with fellow members from all over the country.

Smokey Bones Restaurant and Bar is located at 1301 Kenneth Road in York, PA - Phone 717-846-3760

Let's get together and talk trains in York PA!  Meet with LCCA President DeVito and other members of the LCCA Board of Directors, volunteers and most importantly, other LCCA members from all around the country. We look forward to seeing you all there! Spread the word to your fellow LCCA members.  Invite your friends, and encourage them to join our club.  We know how to have F. U. N!  If you have any questions, please contact: Al Kolis - 248-790-4137

Remember, as part of the LCCA Special Events program, LCCA President Dennis DeVito has set the goal to reach out and meet with 2,200 LCCA members during the next 12 months. We encourage you to participate, bring your entire family and attend these LCCA special events.  If you have an interest or ideas about hosting a LCCA special event in your area, please contact Al Kolis at or 248-709-4137. We are looking for family oriented, train related, fun LCCA special events in your area.

Al Kolis
Immediate Past President and Special Events Manager