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December 9, 2012 LCCA Special Event - NorthPark Mall in Dallas, TX Recap

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) had a great fun, exciting and successful holiday season LCCA/TW Design Special Charity Event on Sunday evening, December 9, 2012 at the NorthPark Mall in Dallas, TX.  Club members and their families, as well as guests of TW TrainWorx experienced a great behind-the-scenes and personal look at the extraordinary operating toy train layout and display, met with TW Design's Roger & Dorcie Farkash along with their team of Traingineers.  Lucky guests in attendance won door prizes consisting of many great Lionel and LCCA commemorative products (donated by the LCCA).  Lionel's mascot, Lenny the Lion made a special guest appearance.  Thousands of dollars of proceeds generated from this evening's event will be donated to benefit the Dallas Ronald McDonald House in Dallas TX. The Ronald McDonald House provides a home-away from home for those families whose child is in the hospital receiving much needed care for their serious illness.

The crowd (300 people) was wowed and impressed by the massive toy train layout depicting various scenes and famous landmarks from all across America. This layout was designed and built by TW TrainWorx of Dallas TX and features nearly 2,000 feet of track on 22 loops as well as dozens of animations through a presentation of a miniature journey across our great and beautiful country.
Many LCCA members brought their friends and families to this Lionel train filled event – there were over 90 members with guests. People of all ages enjoyed this holiday season event and experienced the magic of Lionel trains while supporting a worthwhile cause, the local Ronald McDonald House. The many children in attendance had a great time meeting with Lionel's Lenny the Lion Mascot. Our members enjoyed meeting with fellow LCCA members, Roger and Dorcie Farkash, and the Traingineers at TrainWorx who created this impressive layout and display.

Members also had an opportunity to meet Bob "Choo Choo" Carter at the LCCA table.  Choo Choo Carter is the LCCA Convention Co-Manager for our upcoming 43rd annual convention to be held July 14-20, 2013 at the Chattanooga Hotel in Chattanooga TN.  Dinah "the Saint" Carter was there helping out throughout the evening at the Lionel store.  Guests were given the opportunity to purchase Lionel Products in the temporary Holiday season store with additional 10% reduced prices.  Thank you to all of the members and their families for bringing their kids and participating in this worthwhile, great fun, Lionel trained filled Special Event. We hope all of you were entertained and impressed, but, most of all, had fun!  Thank you to Lionel and Lenny the Lion for being there and entertaining the crowd. 

Thanks go out to the team of volunteers who helped out hosting this fun holiday season event. Most of all, we never could have hosted this Special Event without the generosity and contributions by Roger and Dorcie Farkash of TW Design/TW TrainWorx.  Our sincere thanks to them for hosting this great special event and making this world a better place. I am certain you impressed and entertained the many members and guests who attended this great, Fun-filled and worthwhile event. You serve as an inspiration to me personally and I am certain to many others. Thank you for being a friend of the LCCA! 

Happy Holidays 


Al Kolis
Immediate Past President & Special Events Manager
Lionel Collectors Club of America