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Tinplate Set scheduled shipped before year end

Hi Folks!

The good news is the Tinplate sets have left China! The bad news is one container of locomotives was placed on one ship while the cars and packing boxes were put in a second container on a different ship.  If there are no storms on the Ocean they will hit customs DECEMBER 24th.

I wanted these buggers before Christmas. I really did my very best.  The club will work with the shipper to make sure the combined single box (of Loco and cars) is mailed as soon as they arrive.  They will be shipped requiring a signature for receipt.

The business office will start running the balance of your credit cards DECEMBER 19th SO DON’T BE SHOCKED. Most if not all the sets will be in your homes by December 31, 2012.

This was shortest production time for any LCCA product ever made and that’s great news!  The final product is the lowest production quantity of any LCCA offering.  From what we have seen so far, they promise to be another highly collectable set.

Thanks fellow members for all your support.  From President DeVito, the elected and appointed officials plus myself, may you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Lou Caponi
LCCA HM 8735