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All Generals Have shipped - Rave Reviews for this Special set

After a long wait, the 150th Anniversary General Sets have arrived and all have been shipped!

As announced, the club held up delivery to members due to pending weather conditions at the suggestion of the shipper.  The LCCA agreed and it was the correct action.  Sandy created havoc throughout the east, including at the shipping firm.  Once the weather cleared, product was shipped to all but three states.  When the Post Office gave the all clear, the remaining units were shipped.  As of now, ALL MEMBERS HAVE THEIR UNITS.

All who have seen these units have had the same comments - they look great!  The paint job, the special attention to add on parts, the painted interior of the tender wheels, the heft of the tender, the unique whistle in each unit, the bell, the crew talk and the special collectible box all added to the beauty and acceptance of the set.

Lou and Lionel did well for us.  Those who did order this set have a wonderful addition to any collection.  The club appreciates and thanks the members who purchased this set - and the club is proud to have offered it to our members.

Dennis DeVtio
LCCA President and Fellow Member