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Tucson AZ. Train Show, Swap Meet and Museum Visit (11-2/3 Recap)

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) wants to thank the 600+ guests and members who participated and supported the LCCA during the Nov 2/3 Train Show, Swap and Museum Visit.  People of all ages enjoyed the many operating layouts and the great deals during the two day train show and swap meet.  LCCA members then enjoyed a private tour and evening at the Gadsden Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum.  Wow, What a place!  Train layouts of all gages were in full motion.

On behalf of LCCA President Dennis DeVito and the entire Board of Directors, thanks go out to all of the members who stopped by our table and visited.  Without the commitment and support of our members, such as yourselves, we would not be able to do what we are currently doing with the LCCA Special Events Program.  I am also very excited about the positive feedback and interest members have expressed about hosting future Special Events in Tucson and in other areas of Arizona.  It looks like we will definitely be back for another LCCA special Event in Arizona within the next several months.  If you have any ideas for a special event in your area, please contact me at or by phone at 248-709-4137 to discuss.

I also want welcome the new members who joined our great organization. I encourage you to get involved, share a story with fellow members about you and your trains for possible publication in The Lion Roars, The Lion Cub, Interchange Track, our website or Facebook account. The more you put into the club, the more benefit and enjoyment you will receive, by far.  If you have any questions or concerns about the club or what is going on, please feel free to contact any of the officers or directors listed on our website or inside cover of our publications.  LCCA Treasurer Ken Kelly and Director Johnny Ourso of the Tucson area are always open and willing to hear from you.

Special thanks go to Dave Hoverstock and the entire group of volunteers from the  Gadsden Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum.  You efforts and dedication made this a great and very special event possible!  I am also looking  forward to hearing stories from the S-gauge, Gadsden Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum members.  We welcome your expertise and knowledge for future articles pertaining to S-Gauge Lionel Trains.  

Thank you

Al Kolis
LCCA Immediate Past-President and Special Events Manager Lionel Collectors Club of America