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Sandy delays General Engine Shipments

Folks, your 150th Anniversary General engines are at the club's mailing facility in Pennsylvania. They are labeled and ready to ship. I know everybody has been waiting but nobody could anticipate Hurricane SANDY's devastation. I made the call to halt the shipments last week based on the weather reports. If those locomotives got damaged we would not be able to replace them.

These engine shipments were intentionally delayed to protect them from damage.  Imagine what our fellow members in just New York, New Jersey and West Virginia have experience.  If we shipped to these states, there would surely have been lost product.  I’m asking the mailing house to start shipping Thursday.  I requested shipments to the states affected by Hurricane Sandy be delayed till next week as the clean gets well underway.  I’m hoping to ship those area's starting next Monday.

God BLESS our fellow members who have been affected by this awful storm.



Lou Caponi
LCCA HM 8735