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"The Lion Cub" now increased in size

Jenny Kraus (JM Program Coordinator), Al Kolis and the rest of the Junior Member Committee have announced that the new issue of "The Lion Cub" (TLC) has been increased in size to include more exciting news and content!  

All current Junior Members will receive the next issue of TLC in the next few days.  Be on the lookout for this next issue.  You will be able to read about the new Lionel FasTrack Modular Railroad.  This new system was co-developed by Lionel and the LCCA.  The LCCA is proud to be part of this new way to play with trains.  If you have a modular railroad, be sure to have your parents send in a picture to our Junior Member Facebook Page.  

In the same issue you can read about the Junior Members who attended the LCCA National Convention in Norfolk.  If you and your family are able to attend the the 2013 National Convention in Chattanooga TN, be sure to look me up.  Be sure to read all the other stories.  And if you are able to correctly answer the puzzle in this issue, be sure to ask your parents to put this on Facebook -  

I am Proud of Jenny and Al and thank them for all the work they do to publish TLC.  And say thank you and well done to the members who contribute their time and stories to TLC so you can read our Junior Member Magazine.  The LCCA is working to put past issues of TLC on our website in the JM section.  Jenny and AL will be adding new features including an on line version of TLC.  Check back often to the JM section of our website to see what is new.  

Do not forget that there is a JM Facebook page.  We encourage you to work with your parents to read this page and to add your photos and stories to it.

I thank you for being a Junior Member of the LCCA!  Be sure to share your stories with Jenny and Al.  And most of all - have fun playing with your trains.

Dennis DeVito
LCCA RM 6758
LCCA President and Junior Member Supporter