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November 17 Special Event/Train Show - Jackson, MS

An LCCA-sponsored Train Show will be held at the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum, 1150 Lakeland Drive, Jackson, MS, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This will be the third year for a train show at this museum, but the first one sanctioned by the LCCA. Attendees must pay admission to the museum, which houses four very large operating model railroads (two O, an HO, & N scales). The admission cost entitles you to (1) tour the entire 37 acres of the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum and (2) to attend the model railroading event.

For more information and/or to register for this SE, call Bill Haas at 601-825-5650. Admission fee: Adults $5, Seniors $4, Youngsters 5-18 $3, Children 3-4 $1.

There is space for only 24 tables, which are available at no charge with first priority given to LCCA members. Tables must be reserved in advance. In order to accommodate as many dealers as possible, there will be a limit of only one table. If you seek more than one table, Bill Haas will call you back on Friday, November 16, and advise you if additional tables are available.

If you travel to Jackson, MS, on I-55, take exit 98B, which is the Lakeland Drive exit. The Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum is located at the intersection of I-55 & Lakeland Drive on the East side of I-55 and the north side of Lakeland Drive. If you travel to Jackson, MS, on I-20 or U.S. 49, stay on that highway until you reach I-55. Then, take I-55 north and follow instructions above.

Stay tuned to this website for additional information and updates about future LCCA special events in an area near you. If you are interested in hosting a future family oriented, train related LCCA special event, please contact me at agkolis@comcast or 248-709-4137.
Al Kolis 
Immediate Past President and Special Events Manager