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LCCA/Lionel's FasTrack Modular Railroad Makes Public Debut in Norfolk VA.

The LCCA/Lionel FasTrack Modular Railroad Layout was unveiled during the LCCA's 42nd Annual Convention in Norfolk VA. This layout was built by TrainWorx/TW Design of Dallas Texas according the standards developed by the LCCA modular layout committee. Preliminary specifications are posted Lionel Modular Preliminary Specifcations.  The goal of this national Fastrack modular standard is to encourage as many model train enthusiasts as possible to get into the hobby, demonstrating their skills with even a single module. 

Do it yourself, build a kit or have TrainWorx build a module for you, then decorate it in any way that you desire, with any theme you chose. Then bring it to one of the future events planned by the LCCA / Lionel to create HUGE modular layouts that easily fit together utilizing the standards created for these modules. You can even advertise your company name, group or personal name on the front facade of each module. These modules are light weight, in a size that should fit in just about any automobile, yet give you the opportunity to run the biggest Lionel engines made on O-72 & O-84 FasTrack! Great way to get into module railroading using a track system you enjoy already with a group of train buddies too!

Watch LCCA Director Bill Schmeelk explain some of the features of LCCA/Lionel FasTrack Modular Railroad layout.