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Preliminary Specificatons - LCCA/Lionel Fastrack Modular Railroad

What a successful introduction the LCCA/Lionel Modular Railroad had at the LCCA 42nd annual convention in Norfolk!  An eloquent enhancement to current modular systems, this new system builds on the best features and advantages of existing modular systems while incorporating Lionel Fastrack.  It is an easy size to transport, light weight, simple to build (kits made it even simpler), easy to assemble with each other while incorporating all the advantages of modular design. And given the definition of a standard of design, tolerances, and electrical connections, it is anticipated the release of the final standards will become universally acknowledged and accepted.

(Updated 8/5)  Module Committee Report 8-5-12.pdf

The LCCA is proud to be working with Lionel on this project. While this is an "open architecture" design and available for anyone to use, Lionel will offer multiple kit options for general use. If you do attempt to construct your own module, be advised the required dimensional tolerances on either curve module might be a challenge for novice modular builders.  Participants are encouraged to apply a sealer to the top surface of the module, but this is not a requirement.

Given the complexity and variability of modular construction by individuals, there will be a "certification process and review" procedure prior to first use.  This is expected to be a simple, straight forward test intended to prevent electrical and mechanical problems and to protect other modules from damage.

Once the complete standards and manuals on the modular layout are published, the LCCA will establish a communication method between users to share ideas and comments.  As part of this effort, the LCCA will maintain and update the specifications.  Once this communication link is set up (visit this site for details), please feel free to participate.

Future upgrades might include an upper (or lower) level, adding S-gauge to the existing module or creating a separate S-gauge module (will use same physical size), special turnout sections, track control tables, packing and transport cases, and other enhancements. 

Having seen the powerful and well thought out solution to a universal modular design as set forward by this committee,  I strongly endorse its use for any of the many applications where a module can be used.  The LCCA and Lionel are planning to have modular setups possibly as soon as October - but certainly by November.  Consider this an invitation to participate in any of the module runs being planned.  And by all means, be sure to share any runs you may be having with the LCCA!

Dennis DeVito
LCCA President and Fellow Member