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Update on LCCA/Lionel Modular System - July 20

There has been considerable progress has been made on the LCCA/Lionel Modular layout. The club has commissioned the building of several modules and Lionel has commissioned the building of four sceniced straight modules. These modules will be built by TW Designs and delivered to our convention site next week and set up for display on Wednesday July 25th.  Any of you who are attending the convention may share in the discussions about the new module system at the convention. Lionel will be announcing their support as we “kickoff” this new project. 
The next project for this committee will be to formalize the specs into a document that will be posted on our website. TW Designs has already provided LCCA with drawings of each module type.  Roger Farkash came up with what I believe is a most satisfactory answer to the legs used on the module. He has designed a special corner leg bracket which will hold a standard 2 x 2. In the kit version, both the plywood top and the 2 x 2 pieces will not be supplied. Threaded inserts and leveling feet will be provided. A sample of the kit will be on display at the convention. 
As planned, Roger has built half the corners as full width and half as the narrow type. We will get reaction to each at the convention. We’ll be taking lots of photos for web and for other uses after the convention.
Bill Schmeelk
Director and Modular Committee Member.