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Module Committee Report Update - June 20

I'm pleased to report that work on defining a set of specifications for the  LCCA/Lionel FasTrack Module system is approaching completion. The remaining design considerations will be finalized as a group of modules are constructed. TW Designs will be building these and they will be premiered at out annual convention in Norfolk. We're pleased to be working closely with Lionel on this project and Lionel is also providing substantial support for this new module system. 

Our goal has been to provide a system which will allow local groups to work together in completing a layout using this module system. We plan to publish the specifications for those who wish to build their own modules. Other plans include the availability of module kits that can be purchased and easily assembled. This unique module system has been designed to allow for some variation in layouts and track plans. We also have interest by several sponsors who may participate by providing individual company modules that will be used when the system is displayed at the World's Greatest Hobby shows and other events across the country. The next issue of The Lion Roars will feature photos of the display in Norfolk along with more details.

Our hope is that this new module system will help promote the hobby and make it easy and convenient for local groups to participate in the joy of operating Lionel Trains.
Bill Schmeelk