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Special Events - 42nd LCCA Convention

As we approach the summer season, it is now time to focus on our largest and longest Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) Special Event, our 42nd Annual Convention to be held 7/22-7/28 at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Norfolk VA.  There is still time to sign up and attend this fun filled, week-long Special Event.  We have special events with Lionel, LCCA members, Licensed Lionel Artist  Angela Trotta Thomas, OGR's Ed Boyle, Lionel CEO Jerry Calabrese, The Boy Scouts of America, and the local Make A Wish Foundation, scheduled throughout the week.  We have so many activities and tours; we cannot mention all of them here.  Go to the "Convention Page" on this website or recent The Lion Roars for detailed information and schedule of events.  Come to the convention and we are certain you will find these special events, informative, educational and most of all Fun!

We plan to start the week on Sunday evening 7-23-12 with an informal special "Welcome Reception" event get together with LCCA Club President Dennis DeVito, the Board of Directors and the Convention Volunteer team.  This will be a great opportunity to meet with other conventioneers and learn more details of all the fun and exciting free activities scheduled for the upcoming week.  We are excited about this first time event during our conventions and we encourage our members to participate and enjoy this special event.

During the evenings, we are planning several free demonstrations and clinics.  Meet with Lionel representatives Tom Nuzzo and Mike Reagan as they demonstrate Lionel's Legacy Command control system and future Lionel Product currently under development.  Norfolk and Southern Rail Road Representatives are scheduled to provide our members with presentations.

The LCCA is planning to have some Norfolk local Make A Wish (MAW) Foundation recipients involved with our convention this year.  MAW children who have an interest in trains and toy trains will be able to enjoy and experience special events during our convention.  It is a very heartwarming experience to see a child light up and enjoy the Magic of Lionel and a LCCA convention.

If you have never been to an LCCA Convention, this will be a great first one to attend.  We even have a first time attendee Special Event private party get-together event on Wednesday, 7-25-12.  This is a great way to meet other first time convention attendees.  We have several train related tours and activities for the Lionel Train lovers and then we have activities and tours that are non-train related intended for the enjoyment of the entire family.  For tour information and to register for the convention, go to the "Convention Page".  We are certain you will have F.U N!

Junior Members and members of all ages are invited to attend a "Learn to Draw a Lionel Train" drawing class conducted by Lionel Authorized artist and LCCA member Angela Trotta Thomas on Friday July 27, 2-4 PM.  Click on the video link        

to listen to Angela Trotta Thomas explain more about this event as well as an update on her recent projects.  Junior members and family members are encouraged to come and make a Lionel train drawing.   This is a real fun event for all!

Ed Boyle, LCCA member, O-Gauge Railroading (OGR) Partner and columnist of OGR's Collector's Gallery will be making a S-Gauge Presentation in Norfolk,  Ed has promised a comprehensive and concise look at 1:64 scale trains and why our two rail S-Gauge brethren should become more important to us at the LCCA. As Ed points out, many S Gaugers are Lionel collectors too, and we need to welcome more of them into the ranks of the LCCA.  LCCA is S friendly, and having S-Gauge hobbyist play a more prominent role in our activities will enrich the toy train hobby experience for all of us.  Stay tuned for additional details about this S-Gauge presentation.

Lionel's CEO, Jerry Calabrese has accepted an invitation to meet with Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) members on Friday 7-27-12 at 4:00PM for a personal Question and Answer session during our 42nd Annual Convention.  LCCA Members who have a question they want to ask Jerry should submit their question in advance to the Ask The Expert section on this website Ask the Expert.  Please specify that your question is directed to Jerry Calabrese and to be answered during our convention.  Jerry is willing to answer and discuss any topic relative to Lionel and the hobby.  No subject matter is off limits for legitimate questions.  This will be a great opportunity for our members to hear answers directly from Jerry.  We are certain our members will find this session to be both informative and entertaining.  Thank you Jerry Calabrese! for giving this tremendous opportunity to our members.  This is just one example of the many benefits for belonging to the Lionel Collectors Club of America, the best toy train club on the planet!

On Saturday, 7-28-12, there will be a free toy train show and swap meet open to the public from 9-3 PM.  Guests will be able to see the spectacular 65' Lionel Operation layout and display, Pittsburgh PA's Hi-Railers layout and LCCA's new FasTrack modular layout.  To view Lionel's layout which was designed and built by TW Design of Dallas Texas, click on link - 

We are also expecting over 200 Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts to earn a model Rail Road Merit Badge on Saturday, 7-28-12. If you are a Boy or Girl Scout, please visit our website BSA announcement to register.  Spaces are limited, so please pre-register. Boy Scouts in Norfolk

As you can see, we will have numerous special events and activities scheduled during our 42 Annual Convention in Norfolk VA. If you have not signed up yet, there is still time to do so. Come and experience the camaraderie of fellow LCCA members and magic of Lionel Trains at the Marriot Waterside hotel. Our conventions are intended for the enjoyment of the entire family. We believe there is something for everyone's interests. We like to have Fun, we hope you do too! See you in Norfolk!

Alphonse A. Kolis
Fellow Member, Special Events Manager and Immediate Past President