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LCCA Director, Roger Farkash and Warren Buffet

LCCA Director, Roger Farkash and his group of Trainworx Traingineers were in Omaha NE on 5-5-12 Cinco de Mayo day for the unveiling and public demonstration of the new layout created by TW Design for BNSF.  In the photo, Roger is seen running the trains alongside Warren Buffet.  Our sources indicated Warren Buffet direct quote about the layout is "this is a masterpiece"!

We are very proud of Roger and all of the LCCA members at TW Design for their contributions to making this "masterpiece".  Additional information and photos regarding this layout project are posted in the Photo Gallery. Thank you to TW Design for allowing the LCCA to post these photos.

Check below for the video of the building of this great layout.

How was this layout built? See the video story below....