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April 12 - LCCA Special Event in Georgia - Great Train Chase Event - Update

A significant LCCA Special Event will be held on April 12 in Kennesaw, GA, at the Southern Museum of Civil War History celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Great Locomotive Chase.   We invite all LCCA members and their families who will be in the Georgia area to attend this historical and fun event.

April 12, 2012 will mark the 150th anniversary of the actual event in which James Andrews and a group of Union raiders captured the locomotive General in Big Shanty (modern Kennesaw) only to be pursued and caught by William Fuller and Confederates using, over the course of the chase, three different locomotives, most notably the Texas. The City of Kennesaw plans to hold a daytime ceremony to commemorate the event, which will be open and free to the public. Museum members are invited to attend a special evening event with the General locomotive; interpreters retell and chronicle the Great Locomotive Chase inside the Museum. Museum will be free to the public all day.

The Southern Museum of the Civil War will be conducting a special, private tour of the museum and CSX Special Diner and observation car for LCCA members only. Representatives of the LCCA will be there presenting the museum with renderings of the upcoming Limited edition pair of General trains commemorating the great Train chase. These two commemorative engines will be produced by Lionel exclusively for LCCA Members. Once these engines are delivered to the LCCA by Lionel, we plan to donate a pair of them to the museum. The LCCA's mini layout which was designed and built by TW Design of Dallas TX will be operational in the main lobby throughout the day. A local group of LCCA members will be bringing their modular layout for the attendees to enjoy.


This special day will start Breakfast at the Lacy (6:00am—8:00am) - Enjoy an early morning breakfast at the Trackside Grill. This breakfast is Open to the public for $ 20 per person

150th Proclamation of the Great Locomotive and cannon firing (8:30am) Open to public. Throughout this special event, actors and interpreters will be retelling the chronicle the Great Locomotive Chase inside the museum.

In addition to the public events, the museum is hosting a special itinerary on April 12 for the LCCA members who attend. Starting at 10:30 AM there will be a tour of the CSX diner and observation cars, followed by a private LCCA tour of the museum, archives and collections.

Great Locomotive Chase Dinner (6:30pm - 8:00pm) Join us for dinner at the Trackside Grill. Open to the Public $100 per person Dessert at the Southern Museum (8:30pm - 10:30pm). After dinner enjoy dessert at the Southern Museum or just come for dessert for $25 per person with the music of Bobby Horton to entertain you.

LCCA members are welcome to attend this day long event   Advanced registration and payment for Breakfast is available on a limited basis.  Please make your registration by April 5th.

For more information about this event go to the museum's website,