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New Train Tower

The LCCA has built a new small layout to use as a demonstration Mini-O-Gauge layout at various Special Events.  As of now, only scheduled at WGHOT shows, the layout is built compact so it fits into the available booth space.  This is an operating unit where two indepedent trains can run.  Plans are to run LCCA Sets on this layout while we recruit new members.  The goal of the LCCA at these shows is to recruit new members and to seek out lapsed members to rejoin the club in an active status.  LCCA collectables are offered for sale as are a few starter sets, but the focus of the new layout is to present and promote club product.  The layout has both a locking wooden top and packing material for over the road shipment.  This Mini-O-Gauge layout shows what can be accomplished in even the smallest of spaces.  Be sure to look it up when you are next at a WGHOT show.  The layout is shown in its final state in this video