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LCCA 2011 Convention Early Registration Gift Car Is a ‘Keeper’

The club offers a FREE Early Registration Gift Car to members who register for the annual Convention up front. This benefit to “early birds” attracts attention to the event, boosts registration at the host hotel (which also helps the club), and places a collectible item in the hands of members upon their arrival at the Convention site. A win-win situation all around!

Based on Lionel’s popular “Mint Car” series, this design is related to the Convention locale according to our established custom. The “Remember the Alamo” tribute is a salute to the defenders who earned a place of pride in the state’s—and our nation’s—history. The car contains a vintage cannon and a pyramid of cannonballs, a date reference, a color image of the Alamo, and related graphics. This car will be presented to the first 400 registrants to the Convention who also register at the host hotel.