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HEADS UP: 2006 Conv'tn Car - U.P. Auxiliary Power Car

If you purchased a 2006 Convention Car, here's the background ...

This car was manufactured in two production runs through the factory in China. Production Run #1 (45% of our total order) arrived at the Lionel facility in Michigan just before Thanksgiving. The cars from Production Run #2 arrived in Michigan a couple of days before Christmas.

LCCA has no control over the production process or timetable.  Of course, we would have preferred ONE production run with arrival of all the cars in the U.S. in late November for re-shipping to members shortly thereafter.

However, we realize that Lionel has many other customers to satisfy - especially during the peak of the Christmas shopping season. Also, the transportation system bogs down during the holidays because of increased voume, days off for workers, unpredictable Midwest winter storms, and other vagaries.

On behalf of members, LCCA prudently applies a review-and-approval step prior to acceptance and shipping of the entire order. This was completed for runs #1 and #2, and all the cars were shipped to members on Friday, 1-12-07.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. And enjoy!