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LATEST UPDATE: Shipping the Cannon Car

On Thursday (October 11, 2007) the LCCA Business Office will start shipping the replacement Cannon Cars for the "Halloween" General train set. We believe it will take about two/three weeks for this task to be completed.

Remember, only those members who reported a damaged car to the club during the 3-1/2 month reporting period will receive a new replacement Cannon Car. The cannons in this new car are permanently affixed to the car body, so they cannot get loose inside the car and cause damage.

DO NOT RETURN THE ORIGINAL CANNON CAR TO LCCA OR TO LIONEL. The car cannot be repaired, and "replacement parts" do not exist at Lionel or LCCA. You may use the car for spare parts or a special project.

NOTE: Please pay careful attention to the notification label attached to the new replacement Cannon Car box.

PLEASE ... do not contact the LCCA Business Office or Past President Lou Caponi to inquire if your car has been shipped. Give this process sufficient time to work itself out.

Thanks for your continued patience.