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NEWS UPDATE: Replacement Box Liner & Cannon Car

A replacement box liner for the three "Halloween" General Add-on Cars was mailed in mid-September to members who ordered these cars. The cut-outs of this replacement liner are slightly larger than the original, and it will accommodate the three cars in the box carton without  tearing the liner.

Just when anxiety was beginning to wane, some members reported DAMAGE IN TRANSIT to their new replacement box liner. Members may call Lionel LLC at 586-949-4100 to report damage to this item (only) and request a new box liner.

The new replacement Cannon Cars are scheduled for shipment in late September -- only to those members who previously reported their damaged Cannon Car according to directions provided by LCCA in club publications and at this website. The cannons in this new car are permanently affixed to the car body.

MEMBERS MAY KEEP THEIR ORIGINAL CANNON CAR - do not return it to LCCA or to Lionel LLC. The car cannot be repaired, and "replacement parts" do not exist at Lionel or LCCA. You may use the car for spare parts or a special project.

Thanks for your patience and understanding that even in the magical realm of toy trains, it's not always a perfect world.