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LATEST STATUS REPORT: Delivery Info about NH #209 Pass'gr Train

GOOD NEWS & GOOD NOISE! Lionel Has Included Bell Sound in the NH #209 Passenger Train

On 5-23-08, Lionel confirmed to LCCA that it added - as a FREEBIE - bell sound to the powered ALCo A diesel of this train. The company initially included TMCC in this train at no extra charge, and this new addition enhances its value and graciously compensates for the unforeseen production delay of this unique train.

As of 5-31-2008, the three Add-On Cars for the New Haven #209 passenger train (non-powered Alco "B" unit, Baggage Car, and Combine Car) have been delivered to the homes of members who ordered them. The Add-on cars are packaged within a special box recreated from the original box design, but with a modern feature - Velcro closure dots.

HEADS UP - To confirm delivery, LCCA requires UPS to get a SIGNATURE from the recipient. If no one will be at home to sign for this item, make an alternate arrangement; with your neighbor, perhaps?

LCCA will post the latest news about the remaining portion of the NH #209 train on this web page as info becomes available. FYI, the NH #209 passenger cars and the two ALCo AA units will follow the same delivery process as the Add-on Cars: arrival in the USA through the Port of Seattle, trans-shipment to the LCCA Business Office for UPS preparation, and delivery to members who ordered this train.

Both LCCA and Lionel regret the production delay, but as many members who have received their Add-on Cars its in vintage-style box have said, "It was worth the wait!"