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OGR Magazine Article about LCCA

An eight-page article about the LCCA "Halloween" General train is included in RUN 230 of O GAUGE RAILROADING magazine. Author Ed Boyle presented the history of the uncatalogued original "Halloween" General train set produced by Lionel in 1960 for distribution to Gifts Galore stores; then followed-up with LCCA's remaking this important train in creative collaboration with Lionel.

Go to the OGR website []
and CLICK on the cover picture of RUN 230. Scroll down to "Collector's Gallery" and CLICK on the hyperlink to a PDF file of the entire article.

The article includes both the "thrill of victory" of the LCCA accomplishment and the occasional behind-the-scenes frustrations and delays that occurred while bringing this limited-production item to club members as a unique collectible.

Thanks, OGR - for making this article available for viewing to LCCA members!