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LCCA Offers A United States Air Force Commutative Car

This Car has been a complete Sellout - They are all sold and will not be reoffered.  Thanks to all those LCCA members who purchase this and other LCCA Product

LCCA Offers A United States Air Force Commutative Car.  At our Omaha Convention one of the trips we intended to take was to the SAC air base outside of Omaha.  We would tour the base and for those who wanted a keepsake, the LCCA had produced 350 commemorative cars.  These cars, made in the US, highlight activities at the SAC base.  

The LCCA planned two on-site cars for our 50th Anniversary, this Air Force Car and also a UP Tank car - the latter a component in a UP train being put together with our new Diesel and Registration gift offered in the store.  Thjs car is expected to be in high demand, not from only Train Collectors but also for anyone associated with the USAF!  With only 350 made, these are sure to sell out fast.  

This car is currently at the LCCA business office and available for immediate shipping!  - Click Here for Store

                                    Click Here to See or Print the ad as printed in June Issue of TLR