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DCNR #7 - Daily Convention News Report

POSTSCRIPT to the Convention ... this unsolicited note was prepared by member Dick Sibler, posted at AOL, and subsequently presented here.

My wife and I just returned from our first LCCA Convention in Buffalo. Very well done. Nice public train show, great Lionel exhibit and really impressive layouts in the hotel lobby and the exhibit room. Lionel had mock-ups of all of the forthcoming classic conventional sets. The folks from Lionel were very informative and helpful.

Best part was the LCCA Store, a large room completely full of all sorts of brand new Lionel merchandise that the LCCA was selling at way below wholesale cost: locos, rolling stock and accessories. The stuff was flying out the door. They must have made a deal Lionel to move out a ton of excess inventory. It looks like it was a win-win for everyone.