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Delivery of the NH #209 Passenger Train

The LCCA Business Office has completecd shipping the NH #209 trains to club members who ordered them. Many members have reported the safe-n-sound arrival of their trains.

INFO NOTE #1: During the normal course of shipping and handling, the protective outer cardboard box for this train (and its three add-on units, sent earlier) may get scratched or snagged - which means it "did its job" of protecting the set box inside. Replacement outer shipping cartons are not available.

INFO NOTE #2: The production cycle for this train officially began when LCCA placed the order with Lionel on May 1, 2007, and concluded when the trains were shipped from the LCCA Business Office in Illinois on July 29, 2008 - a timeframe of about 15 months; not "two years" as some have described.

A production train set was on display at the recent LCCA Convention in Buffalo. Lionel included TMCC and bell sounds in this train at NO EXTRA CHARGE as "compensation" for delays in production and to show their appreciation for your patience.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support of the best toy train club on the planet.