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Tips for Operating the New Haven #209 Train

Some members have asked how they can improve the performance of their New Haven #209 train outfit.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Grease all gears on the A unit.  This includes the gear at the bottom of the armature. Lubricate (oil) the top of the armature well as the axles on all units.
  2. Run the A unit by itself for awhile to break in the motor. The longer it runs, the better it runs.
  3. Remember that the wheels on the Alco engines were designed to run on tubular track. To assist with traction, rubber tires and Magne-traction were added.
  4. Be sure that your track is clean, meaning free from dirt and not oily.
  5. Do not attempt to run the entire train (all the engines and cars) up steep grades.
Follow these tips and enjoy your NH #209! This train was designed to be as close to the original product as possible, and the original set did not have a B unit and two extra cars.