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LCCA Announces 2018 Convention Car - CNW Boxcar

LCCA Announces 2018 Convention Car - CNW Boxcar

The Convention Car for 2018 has been announced and is ready for sale.  The Chicago and North Western railroad is the perfect road to represent the 2018 Chicagoland LCCA convention, and this year's convention car will really shine - it's made with special high gloss metallic paint. Now members will have a second high gloss car to pair with the LCCA C&NW tank car from the 2007 Chicago convention. This made-by-Lionel special edition boxcar has metal sprung trucks and working couples, all in the exclusive LCCA box. But don't wait, quantities are limited.               

Gauge:  "O"
Min Curve:  O-27
Length: 10 1/2"
S/H for one car $ 12.00,  S/H for two cars $ 17.00
Shipped in LCCA Product Box
SKU - 6-58060

To order, visit the LCCA Store at - LCCA Store

See the full ad here -  2018ConvCarAd.pdf

Price per unit - $74.95 plus 12.00 Freight ($86.95) for one car - or $166.90 for two cars (saving $7.00 in freight for two)  Members can order as many as two units.