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2014 Convention Cars offered to eligible registered LCCA Members

For the first time the LCCA offered to all registered convention members the opportunity to purchase the Convention on site car, whether or not they actually attended. All they had to do was to register. Production was limited to 400 available units. more

LCCA 30 Minute Video “A Lifetime of Happiness Collecting Lionel Trains”

The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA) is proud to announce the sale of a 28 minute LCCA video "A Lifetime of Happiness Collecting Lionel Trains”. This exclusive LCCA video production aired on the RFD cable TV program “I Love Toy Trains” (a Tom McComas Productions) on Thursday May 1, 2014. This video was produced as part of the LCCA’s stated constitutional purpose “to promote and foster an interest in Lionel trains.” more
The LCCA Introduces Its Newest Set - Just In Time For Boston!

The LCCA Introduces Its Newest Set - Just In Time For Boston!

Inspired by the Genius of Lou Caponi, this magnificent set projects the Might and Majesty of Northeastern Railroad influence. True Boston and Maine motive power with matching caboose start and end this set in the somewhat elusive Minuteman Livery. more
Boston and Maine Features

Boston and Maine Features

The LCCA B&M set is headed by a LionChief Plus diesel in B&M Minuteman livery. Feature set has been updated by Lionel. more

LCCA Texas Special Flatcar with Helicopter - Attaching Chains

Your LCCA Texas Special Flatcar with Helicopter is supplied with two metal chains. These are used to secure the helicopter to the flatcar. These metal chains have elastic and can be stretched. To install the chains, first position the helicopter on the flatcar so that none of it extends beyond the length of the car. The chains are placed over the landing sled as shown in the Photo 1 and hooked to the undercarriage as shown in Photo 2. more


UPDATE - 3/28/14 - ALL TEXAS SPECIAL ADD-ON CARS HAVE BEEN PICKED UP BY FEDEX AND ARE BEING DELIVERED TO MEMBERS WHO PURCHASED THEM. Deliveries in the Northeast should be received starting Monday, rest of the country by end of next week. more

3/19/2014 Revised ship date of TX special Add on Cars

I now believe they will be shipped by March 29th. I do thank the members who purchased this set and the patience they have shown while it has been shipped more

LCCA Product Delivery Schedule - as of 2/18/2014

LCCA Product Delivery Schedule - as of 2/18/2014 the only LCCA products which have not been delivered are the Texas Special Add-On cars and the 2014 LCCA Convention Cars. A special thank you to all members who purchased LCCA Product. We appreciate your support as we shipped a number of product over the last few weeks. more

LCCA Product Delivery updates as of February 7

Product updates - There is good news on the product front - many long awaited LCCA products have shipped. Other product is scheduled for later this month. more

(6-58532) Coal Train - Lou Caponi Signature Edition

LCCA steps up and offers the first of two products based on the coal industry. This Vulcan Switcher and two matching operating “shorty” coal hoppers can be ordered now. In the future, LCCA will announce and offer a Coal Ramp Accessory – the perfect accompaniment to this Coal Train Set. more