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Watch a Convention Car get personalized with Laser Printing

Watch a Convention Car get personalized with Laser Printing. Our laser vendor is ready to go, to personalize your car with your own words or slogan. Watch how it is done. Simple, clean, neat. more

LCCA introduces 2016 LCCA Christmas Car

LCCA introduces 2016 LCCA Christmas Car. Santa just announced his plans for the 2016 LCCA All-American Christmas car, and it is sure to fill model train collectors with Christmas cheer. more

2016 LCCA Customized Container Convention Car

2016 LCCA Customized Container Convention Car is available to order. Convention cars from 2014 and 2015 conventions have sold out. This year's car is limited to 750 units and is expected to be completely sold out. This is a unique offering, making it possible for you to customize your car and to proudly promote your Lionel Layout or Collection. NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE THE SAME CAR AS YOU - AND LIKE YOU IS ONE OF A KIND. more

ATTENTION ALL LCCA MEMBERS - 2015 LCCA Annual Convention Car.

ATTENTION ALL LCCA MEMBERS - 2015 LCCA Annual Convention Car. The 2015 LCCA On-site Convention Car ( Flat bed with Two (2) Anniversary Tractor Trailers) was a huge hit with our members and is nearly SOLD OUT. . . . ! Order date extended!! more

LCCA Introduces 2015 Christmas Car - Continuing a new Tradition!

LCCA introduces its 2015 Christmas Car as it continues a long line of Christmas Cars inspired by earlier cars offered by the LRRC. This Lionel produced car is MADE IN THE USA and proudly displays the US flag on its door. This car offers the highly detailed images on its sides - an upgrade only offered on US produced Lionel boxcars. Last year's car was a HUGE success. Place your order early - DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! more

LCCA Walking Brakeman Car -

As part of the celebration of the Lionel Railroader's (LRRC) members joining the Lionel Collector's Club of America we have created a Special Car to commemorate this event. The LCCA/LRRC Walking Brakeman Car honors this history melding of two great Lionel clubs with a colorful action car that is worthy of ownership by anyone that loves Lionel Trains. more

Mint Car Design Contest

We have heard it said that product design of a new Lionel product really is not that hard. Well let's see. The LCCA will sponsor a Mint Car design contest with the winning design submitted to Lionel to produce an LCCA exclusive product. For those of you who have said for years, "why don't they make the cars I want", here is your chance to "have it your way". more

LCCA OFFERS 2014 Christmas car - continues a long LRRC Tradition

Now that the Best Toy Train Club and the Best Toy Train Manufacturer have merged, to complete the merger of LRRC and LCCA and to welcome our new members, we've created a car commemorating the year it happened! This great Postwar-inspired Christmas themed boxcar symbolizes the merger and will be a memorable addition to your train collection as well as a perfect Christmas gift for any toy train enthusiast more

2014 Convention Trolley and Monon Train Ride on-site cars sold out

Sales to Members of the 'Limited Post Convention Offer' first printed in the September 'Interchange Track' have been brisk. As of this morning, both the 2014 South Shore Trolley and the Monon 'Train Ride" car have sold out. There are no more available of these two items. Limited quantities of the Black Die-Cast Steam Crew Truck and both versions of the Autorack and Racers are still available. Remaining quantities of both will be listed in the web store on Monday, Sept 15. more

2014 Monon Convention Car has been shipped

Good news regarding the Monon 2014 Convention car - it has arrived at our business office and has shipped on Wednesday 8/13. Members who ordered can expect 2 individual packages, one with car from the business office and one with your unique 2014 pin and Personalized billboard insert mailed via USPS. All cars and insert packs should be delivered by August 22. Thanks to all members who ordered this car. more