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Preliminary Specificatons - LCCA/Lionel Fastrack Modular Railroad

They are finally here! The first look at the LCCA/Lionel Fastrack Modular Layout specifications. These specifications when fully published with drawings and manuals are the basis for the International Standards made available for general use. Consider this an invitation to utilize these standards in your future modular construction. more

First Look - LCCA/Lionel Fastrack Modular Layout

The LCCA/Lionel Fastrack Modular Railroad Layout was introduced to the public during our 42nd Annual Convention in Norfolk VA. This new modular layout is intended to encourage as many model train enthusiasts as possible to get into the hobby, demonstrating their skills from a full size layout all the way down to a single module. more

Update on LCCA/Lionel Modular System - July 20

There has been considerable progress has been made on the LCCA/Lionel Modular layout. Any of you who are attending the convention may share in the discussions about the new module system at the convention. Lionel will be announcing their support as we “kickoff” this new project. more

Module Committee Report Update - June 20

I'm pleased to report that work on defining a set of specifications for the LCCA/Lionel FasTrack Module system is approaching completion. The remaining design considerations will be finalized as a group of modules are constructed. TW Designs will be building these and they will be premiered at out annual convention in Norfolk. more

LCCA Module Committee Report - May 30, 2012

The LCCA Module Committee has met on a weekly basis to define standards for a module layout system. Much of our work has been completed, and we are now very close to achieving our goal of defining specifications for a new module system. As a result, any Lionel enthusiast will be able to participate in this modular layout project. more

LCCA FasTrack Modular Layout Announced

The LCCA has announced the creation and intorduction of an all LCCA FasTrack Modular Layout. The News Release is attached. more