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Junior Member News from Dom’s Desk

It has been an exciting couple of months serving as your chairman. I had the pleasure of attending my first LCCA Board of Directors meeting in September, and I gave a short presentation about my plans for the Junior Member program. Board members are excited about the initiatives as well as the possibility of taking this club to heights we’ve never seen before. more

New “Kid” on the Block

I’m pleased to serve our club as the appointed Coordinating Chairman for LCCA Junior Members. It’s been only a few years since I was a junior member, and that chapter of my life experience opened my eyes to how imaginative, intelligent, and media-savvy today’s youth have become. I noticed that kids were often more attuned to Lionel’s TMCC™ than many dads or granddads. The imprint of technology seems to be more deeply encoded in the DNA of our generation than previous ones. more